Sliding Mode Stabilization of Memristive Neural Networks With Leakage Delays and Control Disturbance.


In this article, we investigate a class of memristive neural networks (MNNs) with time-varying delays and leakage delays via sliding mode control (SMC) with and without control disturbance. SMC is used to ensure MNNs' stability. According to the characteristics of the MNNs, we consider the following three models: the first is the MNNs with time-varying delays, the second is the MNNs with time-varying delays and the control disturbance, and the third is the MNNs with time-varying delays, leakage delays, and the control disturbance. We quote some assumptions and lemmas to ensure that our main results are true. The sliding surface, the corresponding sliding mode controller, and the Lyapunov functions are constructed in different models to ensure MNNs' stability. Finally, some examples and simulations verify the validity of our main results by solving linear matrix inequality (LMI), and the conclusions and analysis of the results are given.