A novel true random number generator design leveraging emerging memristor technology


Memristor, the fourth basic circuit element, demonstrates obvious stochastic behaviors in both the static resistance states and the dynamic switching. In this work, a novel memristor-based true random number generator (MTRNG) is presented which leverages the stochastic property when switching a device between its binary states. Compared to conventional random number generators that require amplifiers or comparators with high complexity, the use of memristors significantly reduces the design cost: a basic MTRNG consists of only one memristor, six transistors, and one D Flip-flop. To maximize the entropy of the random bit generation, we further enhanced the design to a 2-branch scheme which can provide a uniform bit distribution. Our simulation results show that the proposed MTRNGs offer high operating speed and low power consumption: the reading clocks of the basic 1-branch and the enhanced 2-branch schemes can reach at 1.05GHz and 0.96GHz with power assumptions of 31.1 μW and 80.3μW, respectively. Moreover, the zero-ver-sus-one distributions and sampling rates of MTRNGs can be flexibly reconfigured by modulating the width and amplitude of the programming pulse applied on a memristor and therefore adjusting its switching probability between ON and OFF states.