ICE: Inline calibration for memristor crossbar-based computing engine

TitleICE: Inline calibration for memristor crossbar-based computing engine
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsB Li, Y Wang, Y Chen, HH Li, and H Yang
Conference NameProceedings Design, Automation and Test in Europe, Date
Date Published01/2014

The emerging neuromorphic computation provides a revolutionary solution to the alternative computing architecture and effectively extends Moore's Law. The discovery of the memristor presents a promising hardware realization of neuromorphic systems with incredible power efficiency, allowing efficiently executing the analog matrix-vector multiplication on the memristor crossbar architecture. However, during computations, the memristor will slowly drift from its initial programmed state, leading to a gradual decline of the computation precision of memristor crossbar-based computing engine (MCE). In this paper, we propose an inline calibration mechanism to guarantee the computation quality of the MCE. The inline calibration mechanism collects the MCE's computation error through 'interrupt-and-benchmark (I&B)' operations and predicts the best calibration time through polynomial fitting of the computation error data. We also develop an adaptive technique to adjust the time interval between two neighbor I&B operations and minimize the negative impact of the I&B operation on system performance. The experiment results demonstrate that the proposed inline calibration mechanism achieves a calibration efficiency of 91.18% on average and negligible performance overhead (i.e., 0.439%). © 2014 EDAA.