Fast IR Drop Estimation with Machine Learning : Invited Paper

TitleFast IR Drop Estimation with Machine Learning : Invited Paper
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsZ Xie, H Li, X Xu, J Hu, and Y Chen
Conference NameIeee/Acm International Conference on Computer Aided Design, Digest of Technical Papers, Iccad
Date Published11/2020

IR drop constraint is a fundamental requirement enforced in almost all chip designs. However, its evaluation takes a long time, and mitigation techniques for fixing violations may require numerous iterations. As such, fast and accurate IR drop prediction becomes critical for reducing design turnaround time. Recently, machine learning (ML) techniques have been actively studied for fast IR drop estimation due to their promise and success in many fields. These studies target at various design stages with different emphasis, and accordingly, different ML algorithms are adopted and customized. This paper provides a review to the latest progress in ML-based IR drop estimation techniques. It also serves as a vehicle for discussing some general challenges faced by ML applications in electronics design automation (EDA), and demonstrating how to integrate ML models with conventional techniques for the better efficiency of EDA tools.