Spintronic memristor through spin-thorque-induced magnetization motion

TitleSpintronic memristor through spin-thorque-induced magnetization motion
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsX Wang, Y Chen, H Xi, H Li, and D Dimitrov
JournalIeee Electron Device Letters
Start Page294
Pagination294 - 297
Date Published02/2009

Existence of spintronic memristor in nanoscale is demonstrated based upon spin-torque-induced magnetization switching and magnetic-domain-wall motion. Our examples show that memristive effects are quite universal for spin-torque spintronic device at the time scale that explicitly involves the interactions between magnetization dynamics and electronic charge transport. We also proved that the spintronic device can be designed to explore and memorize the continuum state of current and voltage based on interactions of electron and spin transport. © 2009 IEEE.

Short TitleIeee Electron Device Letters